Richard Edelman calls for change in communication marketing at Arthur W. Page hall of fame

By Nicole Turnbull

Richard Edelman, president & CEO of Edelman, a global PR Agency, spoke during the Arthur W. Page society’s honor of fame, mentioning how his parents’ work has been passed down through the family for generations. He said that the company goal is to move the communication role to a much more mission–related orient.  

Edelman declared five trends, mentioning how we, as a society, are living in a world of “unprecedented complexity because of globalization technology and privacy issues.” The first trend addressed encouraging company empathy with current events such as fracking and cloud computing to personalize the brand. The second trend is to understand the importance of license to lead and dismaying license to operate. The third trend consisted of brands building on change and no longer being built on tangible benefits. The fourth and fifth declarations identify how the reader is the content creator and that technology must tie the together being a company and being a brand.

Tim, a student at Washington State University said: “He presented a very effective call to action for communications and marketing. He did a good job at calling attention to putting professionals on the deck about cultural changes within corporate society.”

Richard also suggested three governing principles of communications marketing: Evolve, Promote, Protect. Evolve means to enable serious change within the enterprise or introduce a product that Is a discontinuous large step forward help our fellow executives to lead our future. Promote means to create movement and be immersive and protection is for holding the organization to its promises. Edelman said that a communication marketers’ job is no longer to suppress or revert. The main job is to enable change.

Edelman reported that with a global view and relentless innovation and constant change, communications marketing can offer capital and expertise. Marketing and communications in inexplicably connected. They advocate for truth; no other discipline holds these values as closely as this. Edelman PR was named the largest public relations firm in the world in 2014 by The Holmes Report.

The speech was given at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia for the annual conference. The major sponsors included Daryl McCullough, Citizen Relations Ray Kotcher, and Toyota. Many members of the Arthur W. Page Society were in attendance for this event.

Edelman declared that it is our (communication marketers) time to lead. Richard Edelman pushed the idea throughout his whole speech that companies need to focus more on communications marketing more than anything now.