Susan Galaviz outrages about the removal of  Vancouver, WA community a voice

Nicole Turnbull

September 15, 2019 – 1:15PM

Susan Galaviz is the KXRW president and on the board of directors. She founded KXRW in March of 2017. KXRW is a local radio station ran by Susan and a community of people who have a passion for sharing news on current events such as the environment, policies, and equality.

How did you get into this industry?

I never really knew anything about radio besides the fact that I loved it and there were various radio stations that I enjoy. Multiple of my favorite radio stations — one being 620AM60 — were taken down in 2012 very abruptly with many other radio stations during the Mitt Romney election. “This outraged me and many others in the Vancouver/Portland area because our voices were being taken away.” This is how KXRW was introduced.

How did KXRW come about?

It is primarily volunteer based and our monthly sponsors that get featured on our station is our only source of income. I knew that eventually I wanted to find a way to get an FCC license so that Vancouver could have a local voice. I surrounded myself with people who knew what they were doing. Those over at our sister station helped make all of this happen. They host our radio station so that we are able to air to different locations. It took over a year just to get us to be able to air on the radio.

What led up to the years prior to introducing KXRW?

I was very involved with the Parent Teacher Association at my children’s schools and knew how to make connections easily. So it was fairly easy for me to get involved and gather people who wanted to make a change in the world. I was able to organize this board and get the station on the air due to my experience with the PTA for over 20 years.

What is the main focus or goal of KXRW?

“KXRW is an independent volunteer powered value driven community, dedicated to delivering quality programming with an emphasis on local voices. We are committed to sharing knowledge and information to build a stronger community.” Our main goal is to educate and inform because a better-informed community is a healthier community. We also are a non-commercial radio station so there will never be any interruption from the music or programming that are listeners are tuning into.

What is your favorite thing about KXRW?

We’re extremely proud that we recently launched a program that features local artists since they don’t normally get a spotlight on radio stations with commercials. This is very unique, and it is a full hour show. Our focus will always be around advocating change for current events such as climate change and equality. KXRW has also featured multiple mayors and members of congress. It is extremely important to have a good source of information that is reliable and that is one of the reasons we are here and free to the public.

What kinds of community service does KXRW engage in?

We host events at various locations and always try to get our community more involved with what is going on around Vancouver. We are an official nonprofit organization so through KXRW we’re always spreading as much awareness as we can about local events and ways to bond the community together. I recently received my FCC license; this was a huge steppingstone for our station to send us in the right direction to keep growing.