Archetype: “The Caregiver”

Since the time we first put pen to paper, we have faced an influx of challenges. We have experienced growth; but at the same time, we have experienced loss that encouraged maturity. Almshouses, workhouses, and dependencies were an unfortunate norm no matter what one’s circumstances, social status, or lifestyle. Today, victims of abandonment and helplessness are sent to live in a world where a desire to reach out has been smothered by media, cynicism, jaded glasses, and a lack of time.

But even today, in the ever-shifting winds of culture, doors still remain open. An ear once deaf to kind words; a heart starved for love and understanding; reaches out with hesitant fingers to warm timber. Kindness reaches into far more places than we know. Each of us has the opportunity to change a life in beautiful ways, through our hearts and homes.

We have an opportunity to do more than satisfy hunger; we have the chance to tell children that no matter their circumstances, “You are wanted.” We can help them enjoy an experience they may have never received before: a future where they feel a sense of belonging. The future is where they can make a difference that will last forever, beyond us and beyond them.

Today, we can build a world where commitment, a loving hand, an open home, and an understanding heart is offered to every child who walks through our door or across our path. No one will falter or be left behind. Each will gain a sense of worthiness and compassion. Regardless of difficulty or ease, we can aim to meet the needs of every child left alone. We can meet the challenge and give to those who need it most. Together, we can foster a new future for children, providing them with a loving environment. We can build this bridge.