Your Target Audience: 30 to 40 year old professional men and women.


At Fostering Together, we aim to encourage all people to discover who they are as parents. We believe anyone can be a foster parent, even those who are busy. 

We have introduced many programs that help prospective parents at no cost to learn what it’s like to provide a home to children in need. 

Specific to your county, we offer services with education, clothing, counseling, childcare, information, medical, summer camps, and extracurricular activities. These resources are meant to guide parents easily through the new and challenging experiences of foster parenting. 


The WSFCO states that at least 100 foster kids in King County stayed in hotels in 2018 because the state didn’t have a place to house them. 

The CCA reports that most people who adopt are married, a quarter are single women, and only 3% are single males. The other 3% are unmarried couples.

The CCA reports that 70% of those in foster care want to go to college, but barely a quarter age out before they could even get a high school diploma.


How can I form a bond with a child that isn’t my own?

Bonds are built like houses: with time, hard work, and dedication.

How can I give the foster child the kind of affection they need to succeed in life?

Putting someone before yourself because it’s the right thing to do is the truest form of kindness. It’s like those days when your parents cooked you dinner or read you bedtime stories; understanding how to love comes with being a parent. 


There is no age limit for fostering a child in an effort to provide them with a better life. 

Fostering Together is here to help with any of your concerns. You are never alone through this process. 

We are here to ensure that no child is neglected of this opportunity, to have a loving family. 

Foster care is for anyone and everyone. At Fostering Together, we simply provide the resources to make your happy family become a reality. 

You’ve already discovered you who are as a person, now discover who you are as a caregiver.